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Dreaming at the Atlantis Pavilions

Atlantis Pavillions Wedding

Sometimes, a couple comes along who are so special that I feel like they have breathed new life into the wonderful city of Toronto. That the couple’s love, their uniqueness, their beauty and their story truly opens my eyes to a Toronto beyond my wildest dreams.

The formalities of their day were undertaken at two exquisite locations – the ceremony was held in the Hart House courtyard at the University of Toronto, and the reception took place at Atlantis Pavilions at Ontario Place. Although both were breathtaking places, for me, the magic really happened when I ventured with the couple to an eclectic, and indeed, electric combination of unique photo locations within the city. I cannot describe to you just how thrilling it was for me to capture the couple against the backdrop of the hectic, yet inspired Yonge-Dundas Square, and also how the bride and groom contrasted so perfectly with the beautiful graffiti walls of downtown Toronto. Nothing, though, can beat the true exhilaration I felt when I took sunset snaps of the couple against the spectacular Geodesic Dome in Ontario Place – photos, I believe, that they will cherish forever.

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