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undefinedTheir story is the stuff movies are made of. Boy meets girl during his work-shift at the bar. The tired bartender asks the waitress to keep him company down at his end of the bar. Jacquie agreed and has been keeping Dave company ever since. Eight years after they met, the pair walked down the aisle together at The Brickworks in Toronto.

Just like a movie, we watched Jacquie + Dave’s wedding unfold right before our eyes and our cameras. They went from bartender and waitress to boyfriend and girlfriend to fiancé and fiancée and finally to husband and wife. The pond-side ceremony gave us plenty of opportunity to catch the perfect shot. Not that it was tough, considering the brilliant smiles plastered to the couple’s faces the entire day. The Brickworks also offered various stunning backdrops for incredibly unique photos featuring the bride and groom and their entire wedding party.

We also couldn’t resist snapping multiple shots of the wedding’s adorable ring bearer, Jacquie’s two-and-a-half-year-old nephew, who took his job quite seriously. The bride and groom and their guests danced to the music of an electric harpist playing classic rock songs, while towers of cupcakes were devoured.

Jacquie + Dave prove that love really can happen like it does in the movies. And we have no doubt that they’ve found their very own happily ever after.


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