Fire Off the Canons | Liberty Grand

She knew her life was changing. That speaking the vows and breaking the glass would alter everything: She would be his wife and he her husband. And yet, she knew that nothing would change. He would remain the same rock in her life; always by her side, her teammate for life. Is it really possible for both everything to change and everything to stay the same? When the foundation of your relationship is as solid as the ground we stand on, that’s how marriage works. So, fire off the canons and let the confetti fly.

Ashely + Evan’s wedding is the kind that makes it tough to cull through the photos after the big event. Every photo feels like the best; packed with the couple’s personality and cheer. Every photo feels necessary to the album because every photo means something. Ashely + Evan’s wedding is also the kind of nuptial that renews your faith in marriage and all things love. Ashley + Evan are the type of couple who make our jobs incredibly easy. It’s simple to observe a gorgeous couple deep in love and snap all the best shots that show just that.

Their ceremony took place in the Courtyard at the Liberty Grand in Toronto, Ontario, under a white silk chuppah with flowers. After saying their vows and proclaiming their love, Evan broke the ceremonial glass and canons filled with confetti were fired off. What better way to celebrate the very moment of commitment? For the reception, the guests moved into the Renaissance Room at the Liberty Grand where wedding coordinator Judy Stein thought of every last detail, from the abundance of flowers and candles to the profusion of clear glass decor that perfectly fit the room’s romantic mood. The stunning white petal-embellished cake was one of the prettiest we’ve seen; the kind you almost feel sorry cutting into. Until you taste the sweet cake and realize it was meant to be.

Ashley + Evan were up for anything on their wedding day and the photos prove that they only had each other on their minds the entire day and evening. The bride looked absolutely ravishing and we loved that her ivory Oscar de la Renta shoes photographed so beautifully, especially in contrast to the groom’s shiny black shoes and rainbow-striped socks.

When Ashley + Evan declared their love for one another, the canons fired off confetti and the crowd cheered, making it clear that the newlywed’s family and friends felt the same way that we did. Everything changed with the marriage of Ashley + Evan; while at the same time, everything stayed the precisely the same. They promised to love each other and be kind to one another for the rest of their lives. And they will.


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