Seasons of Love | Four Seasons Hotel

The seasons of romance fill the hearts of engaged couples everywhere and as temperatures rise and fall, as the colors morph and as the tides change, love grows ever stronger by the day.

Under hot summer skies, romances seem light and carefree; but, as autumn approaches these romances find their stride and turn into deep ties that bind in the crisp moonlight. Grace and elegance flock the trees each winter and shower romance down upon couples in love. In the frosty night air, hands hold each other and squeeze promises of the future. Spring follows shortly thereafter and engagements blossom into marriages – that’s when the true love story begins.

Annie and Ian wed in the spring of 2012 at the gorgeous Four Seasons hotel in downtown Toronto. With cream décor and light pink accents in every direction you’d turn, Machel Reeves did an excellent job of coordinating this lavishly beautiful wedding!

The ceremony was elegant and the adorable children almost stole the show. That is, until she entered. The bride’s gown was ivory with an intricate crystal belt, and a simple yet classic birdcage veil adorned her head.  Her bridesmaids wore pretty deep purple strapless dresses with light purple sachet belts. Annie’s gown was only one of three outfit changes as she also wore a coral and pink beaded gown for a tea ceremony and then a gold sequined gown for the nighttime reception.

We took photos of the wedding party at the nearby Royal Conservatory of music in Toronto where the glass lobby offered a magnificent peek at the snowy day outside. The lighting inside the conservatory was a treat for us photographers as we captured shots of the couple with a grand piano and in front of sprawling floor to ceiling windows. It was a beautiful way to spend the afternoon!

The reception was a night to remember with the décor reminiscent of an enchanted forest. The lucite chairs and the crystal chandelier played perfectly with wispy branches and lightly colored flowers which Jackie O florist created for the centerpieces. The dance floor made it look as though guests were dancing on ice and the purple hues strewn throughout the hall lulled everyone into a trance of romance.

The couple’s personality shown with the addition of a humorous and heartwarming photo prop: their best friend and beloved dog, Sherrif. They created a photo booth area with an elegant armchair and a life size cutout of Sherrif so their day could be shared with their 4-legged friend in spirit.

This wedding was a great pleasure to shoot and we wish A and I all the happiness in the world!

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