A Smile Goes a Long Way | Radisson Admiral Hotel

A natural smile goes a long way when it comes to wedding photos. And for a photographer, there’s really nothing better than a wedding where each member of the wedding party and each and every guest is smiling non-stop throughout the entire event. It makes our job extremely easy because the photos are truly natural and real emotions are caught. And it also means that we walk around smiling the entire night too; those smiles really are contagious. We absolutely loved shooting Monica + Andrew’s “I dos” at the Radisson Admiral Hotel in Toronto, simply because of the joy that was felt every second of the day. And because that joy showed through on the faces of everyone involved.

Of course, it was tough not to smile being in the presence of newlyweds, Monica + Andrew. In fact, we pretty much guarantee you found yourself smiling too, as you looked at these images, right? Seeing Monica looking absolutely stunning in her Lusan Mandongus dress, arm-in-arm with her new husband, automatically brings a smile to our faces. But their wedding party was what really did us in. It was obvious that everyone was having such a marvelous time; from the groomsmen with their non-stop laughter to the bridesmaids in their gorgeous Alfred Angelo dresses. The mocha coloured dresses looked absolutely amazing with the bright pink bouquets from Fantastik Trading. The cake, from Dufflet Pastries, was truly a wonder, with its seriously stunning design and fresh flower adornments.

The very best weddings are the affairs where nobody can keep themselves from smiling. Where each and every detail of the wedding is done so perfectly that the smile just appears on your face before you even know what’s happening. You know the day is truly a success when you go to bed with your face hurting from grinning so hard. And that’s exactly what happened to us after Monica + Andrew’s wedding.

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