L’Unità Elegance | High Park |Toronto Engagement

Many engagement shoots take place in outdoor settings – at a beach or a park, for example, firstly of course because these places are beautiful, but secondly, and importantly, because it’s easier to capture the couple alone in such settings. It is exciting, yet rare, that I am able to photograph a couple by themselves in a classy indoor setting, such as a restaurant, and that was one of the reasons that I particularly enjoyed the engagement shoot of these wonderful clients.

The couple, who are both passionate about travel, ballroom dancing, food and wine, chose to have their engagement shoot at the rustic, yet elegant L’Unita restaurant (which is owned by a good friend of theirs). The location worked perfect for the occasion – I was able to capture the couple in a myriad of intriguing shots against the backdrop of the restaurant’s raw brickwork and incredible wine collection. We also ventured outside for some spectacular shots amongst an array of beautiful fall leaves in High Park with the couple’s dog, Sam.


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