True Love at Hacienda Sarria



Most couples I photograph, through no fault of their own I’m sure, get caught up in the celebratory and jovial atmosphere of their weddings. While of course this is wonderful, I often wonder how many take the time to reflect on the solemn, binding and serious nature of their marriage. This couple managed to do this, and they had a lot of fun in the process.

The couple’s nuptials were held at the magnificent Hacienda Sarria, an awe-inspiring venue. The Hacienda has a palatial feel, with gothic overtones, and as such always provides a myriad of backdrops for stunning wedding photos. On the day, I was able to capture many of these – from the couple standing grandly on a high balcony, lovingly overlooking their reception décor, to a few jovial groomsmen shots in front of the tranquil fishpond. What most impressed me, however, was the tone of the day – it was evident that the couple, and the guests, deeply respected the more serious nature of the occasion, yet, as day turned to night, managed to do so while having a roaring good time!



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