Love at Aylmer


Having lived in the Toronto area for some decades now, there aren’t many cities in our beautiful province that I haven’t seen, yet some still continue to amaze me. This was certainly the case at the nuptials of this wonderful couple, whose wedding I had the pleasure of photographing in the idyllic town of Aylmer.

The day could be described as nothing less than a strikingly authentic, truly home-grown beauty. The couple first said their vows at the groom’s parents’ property, then proceeded just down the road for the reception, which was held at the bride’s family residence. Both properties boasted what can only be described as true small-town charm – from sprawling wheat fields, to rust-covered barns, to the father-of-the-bride’s impressive vintage Chevrolet Impala, there was definitely no shortage of incredible photography locations. It was beautiful, also, to witness, amongst the guests, an incredible sense of community – a fact that, I believe, was because the groom’s family runs the local newspaper!



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