CELEBRATING FIERCE LOVE | Columbus Event Centre Toronto

It’s a story that just about all rom-coms love to tell, but one we don’t see as often in real life, and that is – friendship transformed into true love. This fairy tale, however, was indeed a reality for the lovely duo, whose love blossomed after over four years of friendship.

The bride wore the most stunningly beautiful gown by Enzoani, rich with layers and detail. Her favourite characteristic (and the reason she bought the dress) was the gorgeous belt with exquisite crystal crystals.

The couple wed at the exquisite Columbus Event Centre here in Toronto. With the bride’s family hailing from Russia, and the groom’s from Italy, the day was, naturally, a joyous, family-centric event characterised by the exuberance and excitement that only comes from transatlantic-inspired celebrations. During the event, the maid-of-honour affectionately described the bride as fierce – and for me, ‘fierce’ perfectly described many elements of the day. Not only did the guests at the wedding have a fiercely good time, but the deep love, respect, and joy at the union of these two incredible individuals – from both their family’s perspective, and, indeed, from the couple themselves – was the fiercest of them all.

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