A stunning Persian Fiesta at Azul Sensatori Resort, Mexico

Azul_Sensatori_Resort_Mexico _100Azul_Sensatori_Resort_Mexico _101

Endless sunshine, a hint of a sea breeze, and glistening crystal-clear ocean set the scene for the incredible nuptials of this wonderful duo.

The couple, both Persian in origin, escaped a bitterly cold Canadian winter to celebrate their love at the majestic Azul Sensatori Resort, located just a stone’s throw from the gorgeous Playa Del Carmen in Mexico. An intimate affair attended by 25 of their closest family and friends; the bride and groom had a touching traditional Persian-style ceremony in an exquisitely decorated gazebo, against a backdrop of the sparkling azure waters of the Caribbean Sea.

The resort offered just so many spectacular photo locations; from striking stone and bamboo feature walls, to magnificent jetties, to a particularly spectacular ombre plate-glass window. Of course, the happy couple looked positively majestic against each and every backdrop!


Azul_Sensatori_Resort_Mexico _102Azul_Sensatori_Resort_Mexico _103Azul_Sensatori_Resort_Mexico _104Azul_Sensatori_Resort_Mexico _105Azul_Sensatori_Resort_Mexico _106Azul_Sensatori_Resort_Mexico _107Azul_Sensatori_Resort_Mexico _108Azul_Sensatori_Resort_Mexico _109Azul_Sensatori_Resort_Mexico _110Azul_Sensatori_Resort_Mexico _111Azul_Sensatori_Resort_Mexico _112Azul_Sensatori_Resort_Mexico _113Azul_Sensatori_Resort_Mexico _114Azul_Sensatori_Resort_Mexico _115Azul_Sensatori_Resort_Mexico _116Azul_Sensatori_Resort_Mexico _117Azul_Sensatori_Resort_Mexico _118Azul_Sensatori_Resort_Mexico _119Azul_Sensatori_Resort_Mexico _120Azul_Sensatori_Resort_Mexico _121Azul_Sensatori_Resort_Mexico _122Azul_Sensatori_Resort_Mexico _123Azul_Sensatori_Resort_Mexico _124Azul_Sensatori_Resort_Mexico _125Azul_Sensatori_Resort_Mexico _126Azul_Sensatori_Resort_Mexico _127Azul Sensatori Resort, Mexico

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