LOVE, WITH A SIDE OF CHOCOLATE CROISSANTS | Toronto Engagement Lifestyle Photography

Nedege Engagement Treat

Rarely can a photographer say that their shoot was as delicious as it was memorable, but I couldn’t help conclude that after the dazzling urban-chic engagement shoot for this charming couple.

We decided to capture the joyous occasion that was the couple’s engagement in the mid-town neighbourhood of Trinity-Bellwoods, right here in Toronto. A place within the area that holds a special place in their heart, and indeed, their bellies, is the famous Nadège Patisserie. As such, we decided to take a few snaps of the couple enjoying Nadège’s wares – a favourite pastime of theirs! It was at Nadège that the couple generously purchased for me what can only be described as the world’s most exquisite chocolate croissant. Be assured I am a changed man after the Nadège experience – no croissant will ever compare!

On the day I didn’t think it was possible for the couple to radiate any more glamour or joy, but their absolutely divine wedding proved otherwise.


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