Every once in a while you’re given an opportunity to put the world on hold. To pause the present and take a look at what lies in front of you, what’s behind you and the person who’s standing there next to you.  It’s a gift – this moment, one that doesn’t come around too often. So when your life-gears seem to be stuck in that overdrive pace of wedding planning, perhaps all you need is to turn off the engines, throw up your sails and set your speed to coast.

One of our favourite moments to capture, at every wedding we photograph, is that moment. That instant when our couple suddenly stops to take it all in. The friends and family who are there to support them. The amazing vendors whose beautiful designs, ideas and creations were brought to life to create this beautiful day. Every last detail they had pieced together over the last several months. It had all been worth it. And now, now it was time to enjoy it.

When we first met our beautiful sea-loving couple Stacey + Zoran, we knew instantly we were going to capture that pure instant of bliss for the two of them. And we were right. That “ahh” moment was virtually built into the ceremony – held dockside to one of the oldest Tall Ships in Canada, The Empire Sandy.  And post ceremony? Stacey + Zoran invited all of their guests aboard the Tall Ship for a very unique and picturesque cocktail hour, as the Empire Sandy set sail around the Toronto harbour.

Pause. Take it in. Exhale. And repeat.

It was such a beautiful warm, brilliant afternoon and our gorgeous bride Stacey, was absolutely glowing. Of course she’s probably used to being in the spotlight as one of Toronto’s most beloved morning radio show’s co-host, but we were pretty sure, this evening was something even she was surprised by. We had such an amazing time with Stacey + Zoran and we were so happy to find out the evening wasn’t over when the boat pulled up anchor.

Stacey’s co-host at 88.5 The Jewel, Gary Gamble, hosted a reception for the newlywed’s at the National Yacht Club and oh what a reception it was. An evening of dinner and dancing; toasts and roasts, smiles and laughter and most importantly our beautiful couple – content, in love, and married. At last.

Pause. Take it in. Exhale. And repeat.


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Something that I find just so captivating and rewarding about my profession is how a seemingly dull backdrop can be transformed by the presence of a beautiful couple. This couple succeeded in turning something somewhat bland into a masterpiece.

The couple celebrated their engagement by having a magnificent shoot at Evergreen Brickworks and Sugar Beach. Perhaps inspired by their love of renovations, the couple suggested the brickworks location, and the results astounded me. We were able to capture just so many charming, fun and cheeky shots against fascinating backgrounds of graffiti and textured brick. Our shoot at Sugar Beach was just as fun – the couple looked gloriously relaxed on the beautiful white sand of the beach and against the sparkling water.


Update: Want to see more of Holly and Simon? Here are their wedding photos.


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It’s the romantic ideal that many of us aspire to, but few realize – to end up with our high school sweetheart. This incredible couple have realized this ideal, and that’s why I thought it was so important to celebrate their engagement by returning to the scene of where it all began – Mississauga High School.

We wanted to have a bit of fun with the shoot, while at the same time capture the excitement of the couple’s early days of love. We were able to do this effectively by incorporating many elements of the traditional high school crush… romantic love notes, and sneaking a few kisses outside their original lockers!

The shoot was punctuated with giggling and bouts of winking, nudging, and ‘Do you remember when…?!?.’ Although this was incredibly rewarding, it isn’t what made this particular shoot stand out to me. What I really loved about it was the depth of adoration and respect they had for one another – something that is as rare as it is truly touching, and something I felt privileged to witness.



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