Rooftop Love at Malaparte Terrace

Any wedding planner will tell you that designing and delivering a perfect wedding is no easy feat – and one that can involve equal parts joy and despair. That is why I am always particularly impressed when a bride or groom takes responsibility for providing significant direction for the planning of their wedding, and the result is absolute perfection. One special couple certainly succeeded in this endeavor.

The bride looked absolutely stunning in a Londyn by Hayley Paige from Pearl Bridal House, so stunning in fact that the dress shop featured her on their website shortly after the wedding.

The couple’s stunning nuptials took place on a warm and sunny September day on the striking rooftop at Malaparte. The effort, in particular, that the bride had put into planning certainly did not go unnoticed – from the exquisitely decorated tent in which the ceremony was held, to the incredible flowers by Patchouli Floral Love and Design, every last detail was planned and executed to perfection. In this instance, however, perfectly planned did not mean there was no room for a dose of fun spontaneity – as was evidenced by the fact that the couple ordered McDonalds as a cheeky late night snack for their guests!


Malaparte Terrace WeddingMalaparte Terrace Toronto

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