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Love, at McMichael Art Museum

It’s one of the hardest decisions that couples face throughout their entire wedding planning period; one that can just as easily cause anguish or joy, and one that can certainly make or break friendships, and that is: who to include in the wedding party? Many couples painstakingly limit their bridal party only to regret it later, but one couple certainly had no such regrets, as they decided to invite 22 of their most cherished loved ones to stand next to them on their special day.

I was able to capture the gorgeous couple, and their amazing bridal party in a variety of spectacular locations. We first took an array of beautiful, sunlight-soaked shots in amongst the tall trees and dancing leaves at the grounds of Kleinburg’s McMichael Art Museum.

In the spirit of inclusiveness, the couple’s cute and slightly cheeky dog, Rufus, even made an appearance! More great photos, and of course memories, were then created at the couple’s grand reception at The Venetian in Concord.

McMichael Wedding