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Back to School Bliss at St. Andrews College | Aurora

St Andrews College Aurora Wedding Photography

St Andrews College Aurora Photography

In the midst of our teenage years and distracted with a myriad of other things, few of us realize just how exquisite our schools actually are. A couple that did come to this realization, however, were these two gorgeous individuals, whose wedding I had the pleasure of photographing at St. Andrew’s College in Aurora.

St. Andrew’s is a truly spectacular all-boys boarding school that is peppered with beautiful Georgian-style buildings against a backdrop of 110 acres of glorious, lush green gardens. The grounds offered us so many exquisite photo shoot locations – from romantic tree-lined parks to intimate wooden archways, never in my wildest dreams would I have thought a school could offer so much!

It was really touching to see, though, that the day incorporated elements that were deeply personal to both the bride and the groom – the location was obviously very significant to the groom, and the fact that the bride’s sister serenaded the couple during their first dance naturally struck a chord with the bride. The celebration was yet another seamless example of the extraordinary work done by Malvina from Fabulous Occasions.


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