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Glamour at King’s Mill Park Thompson Hotel

Front sign Thompson Hotel Toronto

Having photographed weddings in almost all locations across Toronto, I am often asked which public park is ‘the best’ for wedding photos. While I’m hesitant of course to name an absolute best, it is certainly difficult not to admire the lush and radiant King’s Mill Park, which I had the pleasure of visiting to take some photos of a wonderful couple.

Held on a warm, breezy September day, with not a cloud in the sky, their wedding was always going to be spectacular. And spectacular it was – the day started with a heart-warming ceremony at the stunning Islington United Church. Although the weather couldn’t have been more perfect, I wanted to showcase the couple in different lights and locations, so after the ceremony we then took a few bold, artistic and very glamourous shots at the nearby Thompson Hotel.

King’s Mill Park, however, was where the magic truly happened. I was able to capture the beautiful bride and groom in a plethora of incredible poses; nestled amongst the park’s spectacular greenery. King Mill’s Park, your wares were certainly displayed on that incredible day.

Lobby Thompson Hotel TorontoBar Thompson Hotel Toronto